About Us


Choosing a reliable supplier is a very important aspect of anyone’s business.   Basic criteria such as price an quality no longer constitute the decisive factors on which suppliers are judged.  In our global business village a supplier must become an integral part of one’s business.

Reliability, flexibility, quick reaction time, joint production developement, innovative logistics, just-in-time delivery, on-line communication are part of a true partnership between customers and ourselves.  These principles are part of our “Customer Value” philosophy and play as important a role as our “Shareholder Value” and “Employee Value” principles.

By choosing autopipe as your supplier you can rest assured of unsurpassed service and attention going beyond the mere delivery of our products.  We believe that a synergy between Customer and Supplier based on continuous interrelation is the most beneficial factor, in addition to excellent price structures and quality assurances.   We can assure you of our best attention when choosing autopipe as your stainless steel pipe supplier.


The flexibility in running both small and big production runs in one of autopipe‘s strong areas.  autopipe quickly reacts to the demands of customers whether it be an order for 100 or 20,000m of pipes cut to size exactly as per customer requirements.  1997 also saw the addition of pipe manipulating equipment and we now offer expansion and flaring processes to customer specifications.

In July 1998 autopipe installs a state of the art laser mill.  Laser welded pipes are becoming an international benchmark and the introduction of this multi-million rand equipment further enhances autopipes leading edge.  

Autopipe in 2003

Autopipe was established in 1991 as a German owned company in Butterworth, in the former Transkei.  Initially, autopipe manufactured stainless steel pipes solely for use in the automotive industry and especially for exhaust systems.

From small beginnings with only one TIG welding mill in place, autopipe expanded its products also to be used in the construction, food and beverage, chemical and furniture industry.  During 1994 it became a necessity, due to demand, to install a second mill, further increasing autopipe‘s capacity and flexibility regarding short lead times and specific customer requirements.

In 1995 a “polishing plant” was installed allowing autopipe to polish stainless steel pipes to customer requirements.  In 1996 a new “cut to size” plant was introduced and the majority of pipes are now cut to size and bundled to customer specifications – avoiding extra cutting costs and waste at customer premises.

This enables autopipe to produce stainless steel pipes in any length from as little as 10mm to 12m in all qualities from ferritic to non Austenitic materials.  The ever growing demand soon made it necessary to change premises and autopipe started its new factory building in East London in 1997.  The total area of 15000sqm was covered with a modern factory building of 3000sqm, and office and workshop facilities of some 400sqm, and a logistics centre of 1000sqm

The factory layout was designed to allow for easy extension to a total 4500sqm as and when further growth is required.  

East London was chosen because of its harbour facilities for exporting of pipes, as well as for its central location to other major towns and its proximity to the major automotive industries situated in the Eastern Cape.  Daily and weekly transports now take autopipe‘s products to Durban, Butterworth, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Having attained ISO 9001:2008 certification, our customers can be assured of quality management with a global accepted standard and a solution when it comes to choosing a reliable stainless steel pipe supplier.

From small shipments to full container loads for export, autopipe can solve any requirements the customer might have.  autopipe highly values continuous liaison with its customers and regards their input in further developing autopipe’s capabilities  as its most precious asset.  Feedback from customers is continuously used to review and direct quality and value improvements.